Worldwide there is a shortage of usable space for all the tasks out there. Restructuring of the space is the key to transition to a new balance for the layout of the city and the countryside.
The aim of the Urban Farm is to unlock and scale up the potential of urban food production and thus make an important contribution to food security and food safety. In doing so, the Urban Farm must contribute to the SDGs.

It is possible to develop an urban farm in which cultivation can take place without daylight and in vertical layers. An existing logistics building directly at the sales market was used for the development of the Urban Farm.
With this first Urban Farm as Proof of Concept, we offer the basis for developing
data and training people.

On the basis of this Urban Farm, among others, the Singapore government is currently developing a Food Valley of 400 hectares to achieve 30% food security and safety within its own borders by 2030.

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